Cooking class on Nov. 24

Although they were not authentic Swedish, we’re all full and satisfied after having our challenges. One of the classmates kindly brought natural raspberries that were picked at her garden. She even brought home-made maroon paste and persimmon jelly, 100% natural maple syrup and golden honey. They dressed up the waffles gorgeously.

“Jansson’s temptation” was nicely cooked. We love this hot, rich and creamy potato gratin. We baked it with a big, square, oven-proof glass dish, which gave us an impact! It’s also fun to share this dish on the table.

I’m really grateful for having such a collaborative cooking and eating class.




ワッフルは予想をはるかに超える豊かなものに!手間をかけて作ってくださったマロンペーストや柿ジュレ、庭で摘んだというラズベリー、100% メープルシロップetc.、たくさんご持参頂き感謝です。生クリームの白と、ベリー類の濃い赤・紫、マロンクリームのベージュに柿のオレンジ、カラフルで楽しいテーブルでした。