Freshly cooked rice

After I said good-by to my last electric rice cooker six years a go, I’ve been using some kinds of pots to cook rice. The tastes of cooked rice varies depending on each pot. My pressure cooker makes the texture of rice chewy, it’s good for soysause based rice–we call it “Takikomi Gohan”, like pilaf.  If you use earthen pot, the shape of the rice is clear and the texture gets a little hard. It’s great for the fried rice or rice balls.  Now my favorite pot is cast metal one. I happened to have “STOVE” pot which I’d been longing for. The rice tastes OK, I mean, it doesn’t have specific texture nor tastes but it’s simple enough to go well with other dishes.  And, the pot is easy to handle, also I like its color and shape. That’s important for everyday-cooking.


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