Mongolian buuz~美味しい一皿にしたかった~

Cooking the delicious Mongolian “buuz” was more difficult than I had thought. The steamed dough was hard and dry and the texture affected the taste. To make it worse, I added too many green onions to the meat filling, which threw off the balance of their taste. To everyone who tried them: I AM SORRY!

I took some leftover buuz home and simmered them with some mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, and some cups of water. It came out to be a hot, delicious Asian-style soup!

I think that “simple recipes” are not so simple sometimes. Making them seems to require some insider tips and a lot of prior experience.




They look nice, aren’t they?


One of the students brought a great recipe of an apple cake. You don’t need to simmer the apples beforehand, the recipe uses uncooked fresh apples.