Spicy, Sweet and Light

The Thai green curry which we cooked yesterday was as delicious as the one last year. It’s hot, spicy and not greasy but light. The only difference was the dessert, we tried to bake “Vietnamese Banana cake” and we succeeded!

Its major characteristics are:

  1. Use rice flour and tapioca flour instead of wheat flour.
  2. Bread slice is one of the ingredients.
  3. Use a little condensed milk and a lot of  coconut milk but little butter.

As you may imagine, it’s like bread-pudding. Yes, but since it requires a lot of coconut milk instead of milk and butter, I think it’s stomach-friendly and you can digest easily. I mean, it’s healthy!

In fact a member of our class kindly brought a sample cake and we ate that, since the cake SHOULD be thoroughly cooled before eating.  We tasted the hot one a bit, the texture was not (I think) what the cake wanted us to taste! Texture affects taste.

The combination of hot spicy curry and cool sweet banana cake was superb, we also enjoyed chatting of course!


次のターム (term) はどんなレシピにしましょうか。