Coarse Sugar Cookies






単純に「粒子が粗い」という意味で「Coarse sugar」、いわゆる「ざらめ糖」を使ったクッキーを作ってみました。

<Ingredients>                                          <Steps>

100g butter                                                 1. In a pan (I use cast metal), heat butter and sugar over low heat.

100g coarse sugar                                     2.  Heat until butter melt completely. Let coarse sugar half-melt in the butter.

1 egg                                                             3.  Add an egg and stir to combine well.  Add 1/2 flour and mix.

180g flour + 1/3 teas of   baking powder  4.  Add chocolate chips and the rest of the flour, mix them well but roughly.

50g chocolate chips                                  5.  Shape the dough into circle and bake them at 170℃ in the oven for 15 min.


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