Boiled Chrysanthemums dressed with Nuts&Miso Cream~菊花のナッツ味噌和え~









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This colorful dish is one variation of a Japanese traditional side dish “Aemono” (和え物) made with boiled vegetables and sweet sesame/nuts dressing. My daughter loves the combination of boiled spinach and tasty sesame dressing, and I like this combination of chrysanthemum and miso-nuts dressing. This is really a seasonal dish to taste having such beautiful yellow color and some crunchy texture that will be lost once frozen.

In fact, it was not until I saw the leftovers of the simply boiled chrysanthemums that I remembered this dish, as well as the time I helped cooking it for our dinner in my childhood. My role was to help pick out the walnuts carefully from their hard shell with a thin, long stainless pick. I tried to remove the walnuts without breaking them, but most often they ended up as broken pieces. My fingers hurt from being pressed by the pick as I pushed so hard and it left marks and some red pressed lines.

Now I can easily get the roasted nuts at a nearby convenience store and I even stored a pack of mixed nuts for my (secret) snack! I was grinding them in a Japanese grinding bowl to make nuts-miso while listening to some English radio programs, which was a perfectly peaceful time.