Cooking vocabularies

Some words and expressions for cooking “Britanny’s Galette” and “Crème brûlée” and “Marshmallow”.

Swirl (v)

ex) Pour a ladleful of batter in the skillet, and swirl the skillet around to nicely spread.

Flip (v)

ex) Flip the galette when it’s golden underneath./Flip the slice of meat once again!

Soak (v)

ex) Soak powder gelatin for 5 minutes in water.

Ramekin (n)

ex) Pour cream mixtur evenly into ramekins.

in some batches

ex) Pour egg yolks into the batter in some batches.


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Sweet pleasures. 横浜月餅、成城アルプスフルーツケーキ、オランダキャラメルワッフル。